About Kirsten & Josh


We are a husband and wife team specializing in weddings/elopements and portrait photography.  We are from a small town just outside of New Orleans.  We are lovers of travel, food, adventure, coffee, and our pups.  When working with us, you will feel like you are with your best friends. We are all about making a connection with all of our couples and want you to feel comfortable being you.

We have been photographers for 5 years and full-time for about 2 years.  In the past couple of years our style has really evolved.  We are not your typical/traditional wedding photographer and we don’t ever want to be.  We will capture moments that you don’t even realize.  We document your day as we see it.  We rarely ever put you in poses that you feel stiff and awkward in because those are not the photos that will make you feel something for years to come.  Sure we get family photos and all of that jazz, but the most important thing to us is that you enjoy your day and feel the most natural in your relationship as possible!

We are very vocal in our sessions/weddings.  We probably say the craziest things to get a natural reaction from you.  We may tell you to whisper your favor fruit in your sexiest voice to your lover and those get the best laughs!  If you are looking for more traditional and posed photos, we may not be the best fit, but we can help find you someone that is!


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