Darian & Logan | Vintage-Chic Wedding | Lafayette, La

It all started with a proposal…

The way Darian and Logan became clients was just a complete act of the big man upstairs.  I was with another couple hiking at Clark’s Creek taking pictures when we came across Darian and Logan.  While I was taking pictures, they just so happened to also be taking a “just engaged” selfie.  Well I didn’t see it at the time so I had no idea! When I was going through the images later that day, I noticed at the bottom right hand corner that I had caught their selfie from above the cliff.  I searched the location on instagram in hopes to find that they tagged their selfie and sure enough, they did! I commented on Darian’s picture stating that I had a few images that I accidentally caught and wanted to send to them! From that moment on, they booked us in a matter of a week or so!

Fast forward to the big day…


These two did what they wanted.  They had a small bridal party, pizza as the main course, and slayed the dance floor alllll night long!! To my future brides, do what you want.  You won’t please everyone, so stop trying.  It is you and your boo’s big day, not theirs.  You want to elope and have a very small intimate wedding, do it! We all seem to get stuck in the tradition of weddings.  You don’t HAVE to have something blue, you don’t have to wear a veil, you don’t have to wear white, etc! Celebrate the love you have for each other.  Don’t stress about the extra fluff.


The love that these two share is so pure.  I get emotional just looking at images of them because of how raw, vulnerable, and beautiful their relationship is.  They trusted us so much that they even brought us along on their honeymoon! We will do another blog soon on all the yummy goodness we got while we were there! Until then, enjoy.


Click Here to see their wedding video!



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