Katherine and Dee | Wedding | Eureka Springs, AR

Arkansas, you have my heart.

When Katherine and Dee initially booked us for their wedding, it was going to be held locally.  I remember her telling me how much everything was quickly adding up and I jokingly suggested they should just get married where they got engaged.  The joke became reality super quick and I was not complaining!  I will never forget the day Katherine texted me asking if we would still be their wedding photographer if the wedding was moved to Eureka Springs, AR.  There was absolutely no hesitation on our part.  These two were an absolute joy to work with.  They even hiked the next day to take more wedding portraits on a cliff.  YALL. It was beyond worth the struggle to get out there! 

Enough small talk, enjoy.

“My heart is, and always will be, yours” – Jane Austen

Never miss a chance to dance.

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as

an adventure.” – William Feather


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