Kaylie & Aaron | Laid-Back Boho Wedding with Romantic Vibes at Stella Plantation | Braithwaite, La

Oh man where do I begin…

Everything about Kaylie and Aaron’s wedding was just incredible.  These two are the definition of laid-back and chill.  I was not complaining one bit haha! They allowed so much time for photos before the ceremony even began as you will see below! I always always suggest a first look, but I know it’s not fit for everyone.  It is so nice to see your person before you get hitched.  It calms you down a little bit AND you get most, if not all photos out the way in pretty light! During the summer time, It isn’t as bad with light since it stays light later, but all you late fall/winter brides keep this in mind!


If you know Aaron, even just a little bit, you know he LOVES his tie-dye! When Kaylie first told me he was getting a customized tie-dye suit, I semi panicked hoping it wasn’t the colors of the rainbow haha! She quickly told me it would be the color that she chose for the bridesmaids/groomsmen and I was super pumped! I have NEVER seen a groom where a tie-dye suit and this was 100% Aaron.  He first wore a grey suit for the first look and formal shots and had his tie-dye suit on underneath ready to wear for the ceremony and reception!


I can’t thank these two enough for choosing Josh and I to capture their beautiful day!  I can’t wait for you guys to see just a fraction of the images that they received :)




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