Welcome to our little space in the giant World Wide Web. We are so happy that you are here! Josh and I live just outside of New Orleans in Covington, but you can find us traveling all over for work!!
We are not your typical photographer that will just book you. We're all about getting to know you first. Connection is key when booking with us because there is nothing worse than not vibing with the person who is capturing these special moments.

When we don’t have any shoots, you can find us working in the office of our 2 bedroom apartment or snuggling with our fur babies. We thrive on lots of coffee and yummy food. Ask us to go get Mexican food and I’m pretty sure we will be besties for lifeeeee!

we're happy you're here.

Kirsten & Josh

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meet josh

I'm incapable of faking sincerity

Bunhead Queen




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Thrives on traveling

of a tech nerd

I maintain all of our gear, manage our website, set up our backups and cold storage for image redundancy as well as upgrade and update all of our computer equipment.

I'm always willing to help anyone who has technical questions, to the best of my ability. In fact, I'm working on a YouTube channel to help those who are less technical learn about new and different ways to use their devices. Feel free to check it out!




so here's the tea.


coffee motivates me to wake up

Wine > beer

worked in disney world

danced with beyonce in the super bowl halftime show

i live in graphic tees & sneaks with a dash of sass

Music fuels my soul. from beyonce to billie eilish, i love it alllll