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Lastly, I will not make you sit there and smile at me the entire session. In fact, I may only get a couple of those! The candid interaction between you and your family is what I love the most. I’ll capture the craziness to the still moments.  I can’t wait to chat more about your family and help create the photos of your dreams!

I will have music playing throughout your session. I’ll ask the kids what they want to hear or just play a fun, family-friendly playlist! Kids love music and tend to instantly be in a happier mood! It really helps the entire family to loosen up a bit!  I have been implenting music for the past 5 years and it has always worked wonders!

Family sessions have such a special place in my heart. These are moments that are frozen in time and what you get to look back on when you’re older. instead of trying to force your kiddos to smile and look at the camera, I let kids be kids. I’ll start out slow and simple. I may have you explore the area with them to see what “cool” things they can find on their walk.

First things first. If you start out your morning and day stressed about photos, your kids will feed off that energy. If you keep a positive and light attitude and make it sound fun, the likelihood your kiddo will be in a good mood. 

Let's capture 
the candid moments!


Session Investment:
 Starting at $900

What to expect

How the session will go

* Please note there is limited availability for Saturdays due to weddings. I mainly schedule shoots on weekday afternoons*
* Sundays are our day off but they can be scheduled as a last resort with an additional fee of $200.